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Trail Magic becomes a top THC seller in Minnesota after sneaky passage of law

Trail Magic becomes a top THC seller in Minnesota after sneaky passage of law


If you plan on making a trip to Minnesota any time in the near future, be sure to grab yourself a can of Trail Magic, a new sparkling THC beverage that’s currently taking the market by storm.

Over the summer, the Minnesota legislature quietly passed legislation legalizing small amounts of THC – five milligrams per serving to be exact – in food and beverages to be sold across the state. Food and beverage producers jumped on the opportunity to introduce THC to a variety of products, and Minneapolis Cider Company’s sparkling beverage seems to be a customer favorite. 

With the law being relatively new, breweries have been granted a “golden window of opportunity” to use their facilities to expand to the latest market and produce the sparkling THC beverage that’s high in demand. Those leading the charge in Minnesota fear, however, that the lax regulations on THC-infused food and beverage products may soon change with updated regulations. 

More regulations are expected to be discussed in January of 2023, and many fear that legislators will opt to move THC to a different regulatory channel than alcohol, which is currently the case in many states where cannabis is legal. 

Co-founder of Minneapolis Cider Company Jason Dayton fears that, if THC is moved to a different regulatory channel, major corporations will have the opportunity to control the market at the expense of small Minnesota-owned businesses. Dayton argues that THC-infused beverages will continue to grow in popularity, and should be available to consumers in liquor stores. 

Marijuana legalization has taken on many different forms. While recreational marijuana remains illegal in Minnesota, THC food and beverage products were passed in a larger health and human services funding bill. Cannabis advocates, however, are fighting for the full legalization of recreational sales and use in the North Star State. 


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