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This isn’t your parents’ weed

This isn’t your parents’ weed


Fear perceptions surrounding marijuana are at an all-time low, but, according to an article published by the New York Post, parents and guardians should pay more attention to the frequency with which their teen or young adult is using marijuana. 

The article mentioned above highlights two stories where teenagers at different stages in their lives were severely impacted by THC-induced acute psychosis, one subject even going as far as to lodge himself out of his dorm room window because he believed that the mob was after him. 

Marijuana from the 1980s – when many of our parents were experimenting with grass for the first time – was far less THC per gram of flower than what’s on today’s market. Our parent’s marijuana was between 3-5% THC. Today, flowers purchased in the dispensary can contain as much as 25% THC. 

Furthermore, edibles and vape pens contain higher levels of THC and lower levels of CBD, a natural chemical in marijuana that counteracts the THC in our system. 

Ben Cort, who owns a drug and alcohol treatment center in Colorado, told the New York Post that his organization is treating more people for THC disorder than for opiate disorder. The vast majority of cases have THC-induced psychosis. 

A moderate dose of pure THC causes psychotic symptoms in about 40% of people, according to one clinical study, and 35% of people who have experienced such symptoms go on to have a full psychotic break if they continue their exposure to marijuana with high levels of THC. 

Mental illness is a serious issue that is plaguing our nation, and it’s important to consider every contributing factor when arriving at best practices. These studies are in their earliest stages, but it’s worth bringing the issue to our readers’ attention for two reasons: If highly-potent marijuana is leading to psychotic breaks, we advise our readers to use it responsibly. If these studies are simply inconclusive and are being used to add to the reefer madness propaganda, it’s best that legalization advocates know what we’re up against. 


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