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New marijuana breathalyzer leaves developmental phase and enters the market

New marijuana breathalyzer leaves developmental phase and enters the market


One major problem of marijuana use is how long the substance stays in your system. Drug tests in the past were incapable of distinguishing between recent marijuana use and an edible you may have eaten two weeks ago. Individuals have been stripped from their employment for positive drugs tests, even when they were not intoxicated at work. In order to address this issue, Avetta and Hound Labs, Inc. is partnering together to introduce the Hound Marijuana Breathalyzer. 

The new breathalyzer will be the first on the market that can detect recent marijuana use in the breath. The new technology will allow employers to determine whether employees used marijuana prior to coming on the job. The breathalyzer measures THC in the breath for the duration of peak impairment. 

As more states move towards legalizing both recreational and medical marijuana, the Hound Marijuana Breathalyzer is precisely the technology that the market demands. Drug tests that test saliva, hair, blood, and urine only reveal what drugs an individual has used in the past. Basing employment statuses on these tests alone results in the removal of good employees who were not intoxicated while at work. 

As employers continue to call for drug-free workplaces, the new breathalyzer technology may create a happy medium. Employees traditionally have stayed away from marijuana strains in fear that an on-the-job drug test may result in termination if cannabis is found in their urine. While employees will remain encouraged to not consume marijuana hours prior to work, they will no longer fear being penalized for partaking on their days off. 

Avetta and Hound Labs, Inc. have successfully created technology that allows for employees to consume marijuana in their free time while employers can assure drug-free workplaces. The partners are currently only offering their product to Avetta member companies. However, as legalization continues to storm the country, it may be wise for police departments nationwide to consider the new technology. 


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