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Marijuana in Missouri is officially legal starting Monday

Marijuana in Missouri is officially legal starting Monday


Marijuana enthusiasts in Missouri have a reason to celebrate as they now have the freedom to consume marijuana in private residences starting Monday, February 6th. This comes after Amendment 3 was approved by voters in November, which legalized marijuana use for adults 21 and over. 

However, it is essential to note that public consumption of marijuana will not be permitted. According to Jonathan Lewis, a marijuana advocate and owner of Mo Gro Solutions, “Education is the key. Knowing how to consume or what to consume is the key.” 

It will remain against the law to use marijuana in parks, while walking on sidewalks, in schools - both public and private - and in moving cars. Additionally, rental property owners are allowed to demand that their renters refrain from using marijuana in the home. Lewis, who is a veteran and uses a prosthetic leg to walk, believes marijuana is not a drug, but rather a medicine that can help people in pain. He supports the freedom to use marijuana in private residences but does not advocate public consumption as it promotes a bad stereotype.

Though Lewis can foresee lounges in Missouri permitting pot use, this would require rezoning in the same way hookah bars permit indoor smoke. State regulations still allow police to cite public marijuana users if they choose. 

While marijuana is now legal in Missouri, it is important to remember that public consumption is still not permitted and can lead to citations from police officers. It is best to keep marijuana use confined to private residences to avoid potential issues. 

With the new law kicking off on Monday, there’s never been a better time for Missouri residents to enjoy marijuana in peace and privacy.  By understanding the regulations surrounding marijuana consumption and adhering to them, Missouri residents can enjoy their newfound freedom without any issues. 


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