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Marijuana has no impact on motivation, according to new study

Marijuana has no impact on motivation, according to new study


A new research study from the University of Cambridge suggests that marijuana users are equally as motivated to complete necessary tasks as their counterparts and enjoy life more than those who choose to stay away from the plant. 

There’s no denying that “potheads” get a bad reputation for being lazy. Many think “stoners” would rather get high than complete their daily tasks. According to researchers from the University of Cambridge, these stereotypes are not backed by hard evidence. Cambridge University researchers found that there is no difference in motivation levels between those who smoke pot and those who do not. 

Brain scans revealed the same findings. Earlier this year, a team of researchers examined brain scans of marijuana users and compared them to those who don’t partake. They were surprised to find that there is no noticeable difference in the scan between the two groups of people, further debunking the myth that marijuana makes you lazy. 

One thing that researchers did find that is different between the two groups of people examined is that marijuana users tend to enjoy everyday life more. Results from the study revealed that cannabis users actually scored slightly higher on tests measuring anhedonia than those who do not use at all. The study found no significant relationship between marijuana use and levels of apathy and anhedonia. 

Marijuana research is in its earliest stages. The federal government’s decades-long prohibition has hindered researchers’ abilities to study the drug’s impact on the brain. As marijuana’s popularity continues to skyrocket, the federal government has loosened its restrictions and scientists now have the ability to run tests and see both the positive and negative impacts the drug has on people. 

Anyone who smokes marijuana regularly already knows that the plant has little to no impact on our motivation levels. In fact, many stoners report feeling more motivated when under the influence of cannabis. The old, outdated stereotypes that fueled prohibition and plagued marijuana’s future in American history are being debunked right before our eyes. The politicians who continue to oppose legalization are starting to run out of excuses. 


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