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Is This Marijuana’s Big Moment. It’s Essential.

Is This Marijuana’s Big Moment. It’s Essential.


          Essential workers. A month or so ago, this term would have brought up the image of doctors, police officers, firemen, and EMTS. Now, its grocery clerks, machinists, delivery drivers, baristas, and more. With social distancing and stay at home orders, most stores have their doors closed but still are trying to keep business moving.

          In California, marijuana dispensaries & are adapting as quickly as they can. Switching to marijuana delivery and online ordering models instead of in-store browsing. It’s a change or die economy right now, but of essential workers I don’t think the layman imagined their friendly neighborhood budtender as ‘essential’.

          We are beyond denying it, beyond ignoring it, and beyond pretending this change isn’t coming. It’s been a long time coming, and like a balloon all it takes is one final breath to pop! Even with 4/20 events canceled, and communities kept apart marijuana is a part of our society. Therapists and doctors are recommending CBD and Indica to keep pandemic anxieties at bay. It is medicine as much as it is recreation. It is ingrained into America’s economy. It is essential.

           While many doctors warn against smoking at all during this pandemic, the other medicinal; qualities of cannabis have been highlighted. Its effects of relaxation, pain relief, mental health benefits, anti-convulsant properties and so much more have been brought to the limelight. Mane experts are calling the cannabis industry a “critical service”. Others have said that through the chaos and uncertainty the cannabis industry has proved itself and its worth.



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