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Emergency Room Visits Spike Months after Legalization in Missouri

Emergency Room Visits Spike Months after Legalization in Missouri


In recent months, the state of Missouri has legalized recreational marijuana use, and with it comes some unexpected consequences. Emergency room visits from senior citizens have gone up significantly since legalization. Research also indicates that cannabis-related emergency room visits for seniors are up about 1,800% from 2005.

A common factor in these ER visits is a lack of awareness among seniors on their own limits when using pot. With medical marijuana becoming increasingly potent over the past decade, many seniors may not be prepared for how much a single dose can affect them now compared to decades ago. Furthermore, many seniors may have underlying health conditions that could be complicated by the use of cannabis, such as high blood pressure or heart problems.

Benjamin Franklin Brown, a 72-year-old resident of Missouri who has used marijuana in the past, advises seniors to exercise caution when using cannabis and not to do it alone if possible. He recounts his own experience with marijuana in Florida decades ago and how it resulted in an out-of-control feeling that even he was unable to manage. Brown explains that many senior citizens end up visiting the ER because they fear they are dying due to the effects today's pot can have on their bodies.

It is clear that senior citizens should take into account the risks associated with recreational marijuana use before partaking. Senior citizens need to be aware that medical marijuana has become more potent since past use, as well as consider any underlying medical conditions that could be complicated by cannabis use. With the proper information and caution, seniors in Missouri can enjoy marijuana legally and safely.

It's important to remember that marijuana today isn't like the pot from decades ago—it has become increasingly potent over time so it's important to know your own limits before using it. So whether you're 27 or 72, always remember to take it slow and don’t do it alone — if you want to stay out of the ER.


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