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Biden White House modernizes drug screens for employment

Biden White House modernizes drug screens for employment


 Previous marijuana use will no longer serve as a disqualifying factor for employment at the White House under the Biden administration. Those who have used cannabis recreationally on a “limited basis” may still apply for a job at the White House and not be disqualified for failure to pass the drug screen. The administration’s new policy will only apply to applicants that do not require a security clearance. A waiver overlooking recreational marijuana use will be needed. 

While marijuana remains an illegal substance at the federal level, its use is gaining popularity. States across the country are legalizing without regard to current federal law. Most recently, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced his plans to make cannabis fully legalized for adults across the state. 

Denying employment based as past marijuana use decreases the potential applicant pool. Perfectly qualified candidates are being denied employment for using a drug that does little to impact one’s ability to complete their assigned duties. Furthermore, Democrat leaders across the state argue that drug screens disproportionately prevent minority populations from applying for higher paying positions. 

Biden’s White House employment waiver for recreational marijuana use will only protect pass marijuana use. Those granted the waiver will continue to be subject to random drug testing, as marijuana use during time of employment will be strictly prohibited. Biden’s administration seeks to modernize the hiring process, while remaining in the dark ages for employee retention. 

This is a major step. Recently, private employers in states that have legalized marijuana have distanced themselves from pre-employment drug screens. Local governments have even gone as far as to remove random drug testing for employees who don’t work in the safety sector. Having used marijuana in the past will no longer disqualify employment at the White House. While continued use will negatively impact employment, Biden is opening the White House doors to a pool of qualified applicants who may have otherwise never had the opportunity to apply.

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