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Abolishing cannabis testing to recruit and retain for the military

Abolishing cannabis testing to recruit and retain for the military


Congressman Matt Gaetz has proposed a new amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would end cannabis testing for military personnel. The proposal, aptly titled "Prohibition on cannabis testing for enlistment or commission in certain armed forces," seeks to address the recruitment and retainment crisis faced by the US military.

Under the proposal, members of the armed forces would no longer be subjected to testing for cannabis before enlistment or commissioning. This would remove a significant barrier that many prospective service members currently face when trying to join the military, as marijuana use has traditionally been strictly regulated in the US Armed Forces.

Rep. Gaetz believes that individuals who have used cannabis prior to enlistment should not be excluded from serving our country. As he said in a social media statement, "We should embrace them for stepping up to serve our country."

Gaetz's proposal is being viewed as an important step towards modernizing the US military's regulations on cannabis use. The amendment would prevent service members from facing serious consequences for minor offenses related to marijuana possession or use. Currently, those found guilty of such offenses can be discharged from military service.

Recently, President Biden issued pardons for thousands of Americans convicted of federal marijuana possession charges — but sadly this did not apply to members of the military as they are subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

According to some experts, marijuana legalization at the federal level may still be a decade away. Many blame Republicans in leadership positions for stalling progress on this effort. Gaetz, a Florida Republican, seems interested in the decriminalization aspect of marijuana, especially as it applies to the men and women who bravely fought for our country.

This proposed amendment could give more individuals the opportunity to serve in the US Armed Forces without having to worry about the stigma and potential penalties associated with past cannabis use. Hopefully, Rep. Gaetz's proposal will be adopted into law in order to create a more open and accepting environment for current and future service members. 


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